The Jagged Edge

Hair, Nail & Eyelash Salon
How Long does it take?
There are different levels, from subtle to Extreme. A full set usually takes 2 hours. Until Leanne perfects her technique allow a little extra time.

Can I wear mascara with them?
Yes we sell mascara that is compatible with them. Most ladies get them so they don't have to wear mascara. All of the before and after images don't have mascara on.

Is there maintenance?
Yes, your eyelashes will shed. Over a 90 day period most of your eyelashes will have replaced themselves. Most people come back for maintenance every 2 - 3 weeks. The xtreme lash glue is medical quality and is the best in the industry. With other glues you have to return for maintenance quicker.

What is the cost?
We haven't finalized pricing yet. The national average is $250 - $300 for a full set and $75.00 for maintenance.
We will be offering the full set to begin with for $150.00. We are taking reservations now!

Are they Addictive?
Yes you will love them. Our neighbour asked us if we could do something to him so his wife would look at him as much as she did the mirror after she had lashes put on.
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