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We have just added Teeth Whitening to our service menu. We use the Pearl Teeth Whitening system. It is made in Canada. The service takes approx 45 minutes.

Introductory Price - $149 Take Home Kit - $59

Before                                                     After

Natasha was our first client for the teeth whitening, these images were unretouched and taken one hour apart. Natasha had no increased sensitivity after the whitening.


Q - I hear the biggest concern with teeth whitening is the sensitivity after, Is this the case with the Pearl?
A - Because the whitening agent doesn’t stay on more than 45 minutes it doesn’t penetrate past the enamel and causes little or no sensitivity.

Q - Is Pearl whitening safe?
A - Definitely! The technician performing the service on you has been trained and certified by Pearl’s Head Office and it’s highly qualified Head Trainer. All of the products and equipment have been thoroughly researched and tested by top medical suppliers, thus ensuring quality and safety meet with the highest industry standards.

Q - I have veneers and crowns on some of my teeth, will Pearl whiten these?
A - Pearl can remove surface staining from most restorations, but teeth whitening systems are unable to whiten any dental restorations as these are not porous the way natural teeth are.

Q - I have staining caused by Tetracycline. Will Pearl work on me?
A - The answer is yes! Pear will certainly lift embedded staining caused by use or exposure to Tetracycline. It may, however, require an additional session, as this staining is much deeper than just surface staining.

Q - How long will it last?
A- This really depends on you, if you drink Tea, coffee, eat blueberries and smoke, you will require a touch up quicker.
Use of the take home kit will help keep your teeth as white as they were when you left the salon.
IMG_9919kristin before salonIMG_9924kristin after
Kristin Before                                                       Kristin After

Kristin had previously lightened her teeth so the results weren’t as dramatic but we still got them 3- 4 shades brighter. These two images were taken an hour apart and no retouching was done.

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